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July 7 , 2004
AARP Uploads Hakuhodo Elder Business Development Division's Jeans 50s Report

Jeans 50s, a report on Japan's baby boom generation and the broader 50-something generation compiled by Hakuhodo's Elder Business Development Division, was uploaded to the international web page of AARP, a US-based NPO for the elder generation that is the largest of its kind in the world.

Jeans 50s looks at the perceptions of Japan's 50-somethings–now the largest group in the Japanese population pyramid—as well as how the perceptions of Japan's baby boom generation (born 1947–1949) differ from those of the rest of the 50-something generation. Based on an Elder Business Development Division Internet poll of Japanese 50-somethings, the report shows an emerging elder generation significantly different from those that have come before, confirming previous Elder Business Development Division insight into the advent of New Contemporary Adults and a New contemporary Adult Culture.

Recognizing the value of this research, AARP has uploaded the report to its own site, making it available to the world.

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