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Issues affecting elders

Supporting the Creation of Peace of Mind in the Community.

The introduction of a nursing care insurance system in April 2000 brought the realities of caring for older family members in Japan out from behind closed doors for the first time.

In essence, three parties are involved with nursing care: (1) care recipients, (2) care giving families and (3) care managers and other paid and unpaid helpers.

Hakuhodo's Elder Business Development Division studies the relationships between these three in search of clues to the kind of support that they need, in terms of new products and services, for instance. As a division of an advertising agency, we are also in the position to look into the current channels and sources of information available to people involved in caring to see where they may be lacking, and propose ways to make them more useful.

Caring can be a difficult and sometimes lonely endeavor for carers and recipients of care alike. The Elder Business Development Division works to ensure access to products, services and information that help build peace of mind and improve the quality and experience of care for all participants in the caring relationship.
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