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Issues affecting elders

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Lives of Richness and Enjoyment as Society Ages.

By 2005, one in five Japanese will be aged 65 or older, rising to one in four by 2015. If people aged 50–64 are also included, it is not hard to imagine the size of the potential elder market in just 5–10 years' time, at which point the age of the elder will truly have arrived in Japan.

Three things will characterize the age of the elder in Japan:
(1) A population aging more rapidly than any other anywhere in the world;
(2) The emergence of a group of older members of society with a real zest for life; and
(3) Elders generally uneasy about their physical and financial staying power.

The current slump in personal consumption has been partly attributed to sluggish consumer spending by middle aged and older Japanese. Hakuhodo's Elder Business Development Division seeks to identify elder lifestyles that serve to both dispel uneasiness and inspire renewed passion for life, thereby invigorating not only Japanese elders themselves, but creating a ripple effect in the Japanese economy as well.

Our research and reports on issues affecting the lives of Japan's elders support the shaping of elder lifestyles of greater richness and less unease—in short, lifestyles more in touch with the needs of today's older people.
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