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About us
Introducing Hakuhodo's Elder Business Development Division.

Established in June 2000 as a unit of Japanese advertising powerhouse Hakuhodo Inc., the Elder Business Development Division is a groundbreaking entity set up specifically to research issues that have a direct bearing on the lives of Japan's elders, or people aged 50 and over.

The Division's goals are two-fold: to actively support and set in motion programs and initiatives that promote Health, Opportunity and Participation for Elders (HOPE); and to assist companies, governmental agencies, and other bodies in their efforts to reach out to Japanese aged 50+.

Through our regular HOPE surveys into the evolving in lifestyle perceptions of Japan's elder population, we have created a continuously updated knowledge bank of pertinent information. This insight covers not only the elder generation itself, but also encompasses the questions and potentialities of an aging society as a whole.

As Japan's elder generation grows into an ever more powerful—and therefore attractive—consumer force, knowledge of the kind amassed by Hakuhodo's Elder Business Development Division can help marketers really communicate with this key group. Our keen insight can also provide pointers into the kinds of products and services that will meet the real and changing needs of this group today, tomorrow and well into the future.

From surveys and research into elder lifestyles through to communication strategies for individual products—we can offer a total solutions package tailored to the specific needs of Japan's aging society, all backed up by the resources of a giant in advertising in this market.
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